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More than just a choir

The Rockit is a powerful, dynamic choir packed full of talented, energetic singers. Created and developed by Franki Münninghoff, the group is unique in the choir world.  Entertaining, interactive

and up-tempo, the show is filled with memorable rock songs

that you will know and love.

So ROCK UP to see us perform and get your ROCK ON.


bon jovi, van halen, queen, the artist formerly known as prince, fall out boy, ed sheeren,   

within temptation, franz ferdinand, guns & roses, alice cooper, lady ga ga, metallica, blondie, muse, 

skunk anansie, abba, tina turner, oasis, martha and the vandellas, the pretty reckless, james bay, .

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highly entertaining, hysterical & funny, loud & proud, hard-working, talented, dynamic, flirtatious,

playful, edgy, strong, audience-friendly, awesome, show stoppers, formidable, fun, groundbreaking,

focussed, wild women, punchy, challenging, energetic, grounded, rockstars

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The Team



dedicated singers


crew members


musical director

The choir: The Rockit is group of talented singers with a passion for rock music. Highly entertaining, they guarantee an exciting show, packed with interactive fun to delight the audience. 

The crew: The Rockit is supported by RockPodium, a non-profit entertainment company. RockPodium facilitate the sound, light show and provide management services for the choir. Click here for a technical rider.

The director: The Rockit is the brainchild of  Franki Münninghoff, a dynamic, creative musician with a passion for choir music. Franki writes the musical arrangements, gives vocal support and directs the shows.

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Rehearsals every Thursday 20:15 - 22:00

RockPodium Hall,

Looier 1, 5254 VM Haarsteeg

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